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Studio Luma

Studio Luma is a premier photography rental studio located in Andheri West, Mumbai, India. Our studio offers an exquisite daylight space with expansive windows, providing ample natural light for capturing stunning photographs. Click here to discover our rental packages and book your studio time today.


Daylight Studio Rental


Studio Luma


Andheri West, Mumbai

Studio Luma

Photography Rental Studio

At Studio Luma, we provide top-notch photography studio rental services for various projects, including fashion shoots, product photography, portrait sessions, and more. Our studio space is designed to meet the diverse needs of photographers and content creators.

Our studio has been the preferred choice for numerous successful events, from product launches to art exhibitions. With our flexible space and professional amenities, Studio Luma is the ideal venue for hosting a wide range of events.


Rental Packages

Explore our web and mobile-friendly rental packages to find the perfect option for your upcoming photography or videography project. Whether you need the studio for a few hours or an entire day, we have customizable packages to suit your specific requirements.

Studio Features

Experience the exclusive 'Black Edition' studio setup at Studio Luma, designed to provide a unique and sophisticated ambiance for your creative endeavors. This premium setup offers a blend of modern aesthetics and functionality, setting the stage for extraordinary visual content.

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